Sales & Customer Retention

Sales Module

Sales and Customer Retention

Sales are at the heart of any business, but Customer Retention is paramount for continued success and growth. Acquiring a new customer can cost 5x more than retaining an existing one. The Sales module is 1/2 of what used to be CRM in Dynamics 365, and as such engineered for capturing and linking all related Customer information as it flows into the system. The mantra for this module is “All About The Customer”.


Customer Visibility

Data about a customer can easily be scattered in many places. A person comes into your business and asks for a quote….How is their personal info captured? Linked to the quote? What about the eventual sales order? The Sales Module provides a unified view of the customer and all their engagements with your business. This information can then be used for predictive sales forecasting and targeted marketing campaigns, which can further assist in the growth of your business.

Functionality includes:

  • Customer Profile
  • Sales History – Quotes / Sales Orders / Purchase Orders
  • Communications with Customer
  • Credit / Credit Limit / Account Balance