Project Automation

Project Service Automation Module

Project Automation

A successful project is a well planned project. Project Service Automation (PSA) has you covered for the complete life-cycle of the project. PSA is ideal for a business delivering project-based services but does not require a full ERP. Plan your projects, set milestones, due dates, schedule and manage resources, hit your deliverables on time. Take control.


Whether your are planning one job or juggling multiple jobs, resource availability, scheduling, and management will typically be the determining factor in your success. With PSA you can set up inventory, set up resources, and the job(s) will pull from those numbers for accurate scheduling. Maybe Job X requires more man power than is available in the desired time frame because resources are tied up on another job. You will have this information in an instant, empowering you to make the right call and keep your projects running smoothly.


Sales forecasting. Inventory forecasting. Predictive resource planning. Being one step ahead is the name of the game. Use client history and analytics to make sure that you know what’s coming before it’s too late. Does the same client always make the same purchases at the same time? How will this impact projects you have on the go? What kind of shuffling is required to accommodate everyone’s demands? Forecasting and scheduling go hand-in-hand.


One of the most important aspects of the job is billing. Sales and Purchasing are easy to set up & execute, and Customer and Vendor profiles make it easy to get a complete picture of current and future state. A quick glance will tell you what is paid, outstanding, aging 30+, etc. Invoice status notifications to your inbox to make sure you stay informed.

Functionality includes:

  • Resource Scheduling/Management
  • Inventory Setup/Management
  • Project Planning
  • Actuals vs Estimates
  • Invoicing