Financial Management

Business Central Module

Financial Management

A common problem for a business experiencing growth is the potential for growing pains. There comes a time when running off spreadsheets and emails won’t cut it. Things slip through the cracks and important details get lost in the shuffle. You need to have more control and more capabilities.

When it’s time for your business to really take off, Business Central is the right choice for a financial management solution.


Comprehensive inventory management setup allows for items to be tracked with confidence. Bill of Materials setup available for inventory items with parent-child relationships.

Your Customer and Vendor relationships will be strengthened by your 360 degree view. Transaction history. Communication history. Sales forecasting. Scheduled jobs. All available to you.

KPI dashboards and PowerBI real-time reporting paint a clear picture of current state, future state, and overall performance in many areas of business. Never again wonder about cost vs revenue, or estimate vs actuals, or how many POs are outstanding, or how many estimates have been converted into invoices in the past 30 days. Fully customizable dashboards and reporting will give you unparalleled insight into your business performance, which will drive efficiency and greater performance.


There are many roles and dashboards available out-of-the-box, all of which can be modified, or new ones created as needed. An accountant and a warehouse manager don’t need or want the same dashboards to do their respective jobs. Security permissions can be set by role to ensure that your sensitive data is only available as necessary. Approval workflows and field level security will provide you with added assurance that your business defined processes are being followed. Audit history is also available in the form of Change Logs.

Functionality includes:

  • Sales/Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll integration capabilities
  • Project Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Full Accounting capabilities